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The Indelible Bridal Story

What We’re All About

Indelible Bridal was founded in 2019 in Harare and carries collections of luxurious and elegant designer wedding dresses. We bring to our brides a unique and tailored experience that embodies each bride's journey. Style, quality and creating memories that last forever are the core of our offering.


We believe a wedding dress should not only be a show stopper but should reflect a bride's personality, her fashion sense whether its over the top, classic, elegant, traditional, trendy, sophisticated or modern. What truly matters to us is not settling but staying true to yourself. We are highly committed to customer satisfaction and giving our customers a shopping experience they won’t find elsewhere.


We understand that selecting your bridal gown is both an exciting and nervous time therefore, we take pride in offering our valued customers creative collections for each season. 

indelible (/ɪnˈdel.ə.bəl/ )

Indelible memories or actions are impossible to forget, or have a permanent influence or effect

adjective: An indelible mark or substance is impossible to remove in any way

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